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““The soul has been given its own ears to hear things that the mind does not understand.”

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photo of a female outside doing yoga can you bring your spirituality to work?

A key ingredient of leadership is the ability to build trust. But according to DDI, a global HR consulting firm, only 46 percent of employees trust their direct manager to do what’s right. Even worse, only 32 percent say they trust their organisation’s senior leaders.

Building trust and doing what’s right is linked to questions of morals and ethics, and whether leaders have a moral compass guiding their decisions and actions. Until recently, the business world has discouraged individuals from showcasing their personal values in general, and their religious beliefs in particular. 

7 dimensions article image - the nursing faith groups tackling health inequalities

There, it is a recognised specialty operating in community settings, which places emphasis on the importance of addressing the spiritual needs of patients.
This phenomenon has slowly been adopted by nurses in the UK in recent years. Most prominently, it is found in charitable or volunteer-led grassroots organisations, set up by nurses who are committed to putting spiritual care back onto the nursing agenda.
7 dimensions article image - finding spirituality in science benefits wellbeing and learning

Science involves the systematic search for knowledge. But as the authors of a new paper note, it’s a lot more than simply an exercise in cold calculation. “It can yield awe-inspiring discoveries and theories that create meanings, feelings of connection, and wonder,” write Jesse  Preston at the University of Warwick and colleagues in the Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin. As their new work reveals, this can constitute a spiritual experience, with benefits for both wellbeing and learning. 

talks about religion in the workplace and elsewhere…

ted talk – one earth, many religions

Zaki Cooper is active in inter-faith relations, and is a communications professional. Zaki Cooper started travelling on the London Underground every day at the age of 11, and was struck by the diversity of the people on the tube. Years later, following the horrific attacks on 7/7 perpetrated by religious extremists, he resolved to get more involved in inter-faith work. Since that time, this has been a big part of his work and life, regularly talking to school and community groups about the importance of building bridges across the faiths. In this talk, Zaki explains the five reasons for inter-faith activity, and calls on everyone to get involved in inter-faith, not just “Priests, Vicars, Imams, Rabbis and other religious clerics.” He explains how this will build a unity which recognises difference rather than ignoring it.

In a broad narrative of decline in religious practice in contemporary England, the place of the Christian faith is surprisingly prominent in what is viewed by many as a secular democracy. Whether in Parliament, the Crown or the City, much of British ceremonial life has a religious underpinning. Why do these traditions persist, and how are they evidenced in public religion? How do individuals square their own religious beliefs with the demands of a secular workplace?

“Put your heart, mind, intellect, and soul even into your smallest acts. This is the secret of success.”
Swami Sivananda