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When you’re a manager or employer the responsibility
for your team is huge.

Very few businesses can afford a dedicated HR person or outsourced function.

With the current pandemic, how do you know your staff are ok? Are they likely to tell you?

 “Leadership is like a tree, in order to survive and bear the fruit of success you must have the deep roots of character, convictions, values, and purpose.”
Josh Axe
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How can you support your team in a way that is not intrusive but shows compassion? We have created this page (and this hub!) for this very reason.

One way of supporting your team is to direct them to this wellbeing hub – this can open up conversations, show you care and support their wellbeing (and don’t forget yourself as well).

Below we have some useful resources from CPSL Mind to support you and your team. The Nationwide website for Mind also have a Workplace resource that gives advice to you as a Manager/Owner and advice on supporting your staff.

practical help with a business concern

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ACAS Give employees and employers free, impartial advice on workplace rights, rules and best practice. They also offer training and help to resolve disputes.

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links and support for your business

could a workplace chaplin help your team?

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CWC is a network of Workplace Chaplains of different faiths and beliefs who support people in a wide variety of industries and locations. They are used to being a supportive presence – offering a ‘safe space’ separate to HR, counselling people at times of stress. In recent times this support has moved online or through telephone support.

If you’re interested in finding out how a Chaplain could offer additional emotional and pastoral support to your team please get in touch with us at CWC and we’ll be happy to discuss further and introduce you to a Chaplain.

other workplace wellbeing resources

mental health first aid at work

We all have mental health. Better mental health is good for everyone and recognising this is good for society.

MHFA want a society where everyone can thrive and offer training to create an unshakable belief that we can all talk freely about mental health and seek support when we need it. We will achieve this through our mission to train one in ten people in mental health awareness and skills..

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workplace training & support from CPSL Mind

CPSL Mind can help you put training into place for you and your team, from virtual training courses, eLearning for Managers to bespoke traning, your local Mind can help with training solutions whatever your needs or size of business.

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mindfulness at work

Breathwork help people living with pain, illness and stress to re-claim their lives. This is through mindfulness and compassion training including courses, products and teacher training.

Breathworks work with individuals and organisations including bespoke work with the NHS.

Find out more about the scientific evidence-base showing the effectiveness of their approach and partnership with health services and academics.